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Bogoo Dating
​Platform Design 

​布咕​ • 北美华人社交平台
布咕 / Bogoo
纽约 / New York

动态影像 / Motion Graphic

平面设计 / Graphic Design

界面设计 / User Interface Design

用户体验设计 / User Experience Design

3D建模设计 / 3D modeling Design


设计 / Design

文案 / Copy

客户服务 / Accounting

 Project Team 
Natalie. Bai / Project lead
Felix. Fu / Associate lead 
Sullia. Qiu / Motion Designer

Grace. Sun / Motion Designer
Xiaoyu. Xue/ Motion Designer
Jeanne. Zhu/
Graphic Designer
Catherine. Wu/ Graphic Designer
Alan. Liu/ Graphic Designer
Angela. Song/ Graphic Designer
Chill. LI/ UI&UX Designer
Stone. Liu/ Copy
Lesley. Zhang/ Account

Bogoo is a dating platform designed for American Born Chinese and Chinese in the US, with a new social model ”One-on-one” to help the users find someone they can trust as soon as possible As a friend, Bogoo provides a true dating experience for the quality users who have passed the review. Every user are seriously and sincere, together buiding a safe and reliable foreign utopia.

布咕,专注打造北美留学生的高质量交友平台。作为一款走心的交友软件,布咕社区中的用户信息真实可靠,用文字+声音+图片多种形式呈现每个人的个性色彩。洗去无用的浮夸,屏蔽掉无谓的噪音,布咕帮你find something real~

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布咕 • 数字品牌识别
/ Bogoo Digital Branding
logo2 2.png
布咕 • 空间设计
/ Bogoo Interior Design
logo mockup 2.png
布咕 • 广告元素设计
/ Bogoo Advertising
Bogoo 完稿_05x.jpg (21).gif (20).gif (19).gif (18).gif
布咕 • 应用商店信息整合设计
/ Bogoo App Store Visual Design
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