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La Sera Wine Series Packaging Design

La Sera 红酒系列包装设计
 Project Team 
Felix. Fu / Project Lead
New York / 纽约
Graphic Design / 平面设计
Packaging Design / 包装设计
Design / 设计
Copy / 文案
Accounting / 客户服务

“La Sera” means the evening in Italian.Since the night touches us all, and wine is something that should be shared and enjoyed by all, circles are used throughout the design. The main graphic conjures a full moon, and each colors each reflects its meaning. Yellow is Il Falo, “The Campfire” while the pink is Il Sogno “The Dream” and blue is Il Cielo “The Sky.” I used an art for m that favors Art deco style to represent the style of the La Sera brand and utilised three different icons to describe the various themes of the three wines. The entire series is designed to have a unique personality while having a unified overall sense.

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Wine Packaging Design
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Labels' Detail
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